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RUFFLES TALKS TV: Twin Peaks: The Return Parts 1&2

25 years is a long fucking time. and throughout that time, from Twin Peaks’ humble beginnings to its grand finale, we (the audience) could limn together a coherent picture of Lynch’s gradual transition from his disdain for network television (evinced … Continue reading

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In Heaven, Everything is Fine – Eraserhead (ADLR PART I)

i. preface in preparation for kicking off this mega David Lynch retrospective, i watched Eraserhead twice over the past week. upon rewatching it, it has become deeply burrowed into my subconscious, ineluctable, a code to be deciphered. i’ve been cogitating … Continue reading

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A David Lynch Retrospective – Preface

the beginning of an incredibly wonderful and strange journey.based on the title, one could easily deduce what this series will consist of. now, patience, my nullibiquitous reader, for the structure of this series will be slightly abstracted. of course, based … Continue reading

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